Common’s Luck by John Mapplebeck

John Mapplebeck’s film Common’s Luck (27 minutes, 1974) tried to address the neglect of Jack Common, but has only been shown twice on British television. It includes audio recordings of a radio broadcast by made by Jack Common in 1958, and film interviews with Lawrence Bradshaw, Reg Groves, Professor Richard Hoggart and Tommy McCulloch.

Written and produced by John Mapplebeck of Bewick Films
Narration: Tom Pickard
Photography: Peter Dearden
Sound: Christopher Clarkson
Film editor: David Pritchard
Research: Connie Pickard

Tyneside Story (1944)

A dramatised account of the re-opening during World War Two of the Tyneside shipyards closed down during the Depression. This film was a propaganda film made for the Ministry of Information in 1944, with a cast drawn from the progressive People’s Theatre in Newcastle.  Includes excellent footage of women conscripted into shipbuilding and heavy engineering jobs during the war, training as welders, fitters, electricians, riggers and drillers.

Story: Jack Common
Director: Gilbert Gunn
Photography: A.H. Luff
Editing: Ralph Kemplen


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